What you see is what you get!

Unlike when you rent a holiday house or Bach, we do not charge you any hidden fees so if you are like many of your guests and are travelling on a budget, our first piece of advice to you is that you do the math before you book that Bach and make sure you are getting that deal you so deserve.

If you’d like to compare costs for your stay, get in touch by phone or email etc and we will happily try and tick all of your boxes.

Or WiFi is Free & Unlimited for you to use but please be aware that Turangi is “the forgotten Town” when it comes to decent internet speeds (or fiber).  It frustrates us from time to time too!

We truly love our property, so if you find something not up to standard please make sure you come and see us to have a chat and we may be able to fix whatever is troubling you right there and then, or give you a some superb advice to help you cope if it is beyond our abilities.

We can promise you that all our photos on this site are not manipulated AT ALL! They are exactly how they came out of the phone they were taken on.   We provide full disclosure of what you can expect when you stay with us and there is nothing intentionally hidden from our guests.

Our final friendly piece of advice to you before you book to stay at Sportsmans Lodge is to simply do your research and make sure we are where you want to stay.  We think we are!

We look forward to seeing you!

We invite you to Book direct

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By booking direct with us and not through a booking agent you put a smile on our face that lasts all day 🙂